Fee Structure & Billing Philosophy

Hourly Rate

My hourly rate is four hundred dollars ($400.00) per hour, billed in 1/10 increments. Thus, each .1 amount to forty dollars ($40.00).

Advance Retainers &
Minimum Time Guarantees

I do not require advance retainers, and I do not require any minimum time guarantees by the parties.


I do not over bill; I firmly believe in billing fairly and reasonably, given the time it takes to open the file, schedule, prepare for, convene, deliberate, and arrive at a decision for the arbitration/mediation.

Re-Scheduling Fees

I do not charge re-scheduling fees; rather, I charge only for that period of time required to coordinate with counsel to re-schedule the proceedings.

Cancellation Fees

I do not charge cancellation fees if a matter resolves prior to, or even at, the arbitration/mediation; rather, I charge only for the time expended in scheduling and/or preparing for the arbitration/mediation.

Specials Billing Arrangements

Occasionally I am hired by a particular firm or insurance carrier to convene settlement/mediation days when a full day is reserved for resolving multiple cases. I remain flexible in my billing in that sometimes a flat fee is agreed upon for the whole day, or I simply bill each individual case proportionally in accordance with the time spent on that case.