"The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better." ~ Robert F. Kennedy

"Jim conducts the hearings in a very relaxed yet highly professional atmosphere. And my clients were very much at ease with the manner in which he convened the hearing. He explained the process to everyone and conducted the hearing in an efficient, structured manner with a very solid grasp of the rules of evidence. At the same time, he allowed each counsel the flexibility to present the case effectively for the respective clients."

"I like having Jim serve as a neutral arbitrator because he schedules the hearings promptly, convenes them professionally and competently, and issues his decision very quickly, and his billing is entirely reasonable."

"Jim has a very solid grasp of the rules of evidence and admissibility and makes evidentiary rulings quickly and with little hesitation."

"Although I did not prevail in the case I convened in front of Jim, his opinion was well-reasoned and one of the most intellectually honest opinions I have come across, which as an advocate for my client, is all I can ask for."

"Having worked in the insurance industry for years, it is nice to see a neutral arbitrator like Jim make an obvious effort to give each side a full and fair opportunity to present their case."

"I've known Jim for several years and have seen him practice both as a defense attorney and as a plaintiff's attorney. When I am before him as he serves as a neutral arbitrator, it is obvious in his mannerisms, rulings on evidence, and the way he conducts the hearings that he really is neutral and does not have a tendency to lean one way or the other and I believe he makes a conscious effort to decide the case on the merits based on the evidence presented. That is quite refreshing when many of us want simply that, a fair, unbiased decision."