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Montgomery County Settlement at Mediation: $75,000.00

Plaintiff was injured in a violent head-on collision; vehicular damage was significant. Plaintiff treated for several months, claimed a traumatically induced lumbar disc herniation, and underwent multiple lumbar epidural injections. Defendant disputed the nature and extent of Plaintiff’s claimed injuries and also argued Plaintiff, bound by the “limited tort” option, did not sustain a “serious injury.” It proved significant for settlement purposes that Plaintiff and his wife would likely make excellent witnesses in front of a jury. Plaintiff also had no prior history of injury or involvement in personal injury claims/litigation. Thus, there was the risk that a jury verdict could exceed Defendant’s policy limits of $100,000.00. Similarly, Plaintiff recognized the risk that a jury could nonetheless find he did not sustain a “serious injury” thereby limiting any recovery to the claimed excess medical bills of approximately $7,000.00. Ultimately, a fabulous settlement for both parties.