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Philadelphia Settlement at Mediation: $750,000.00:

I am pleased to report an incredible settlement in a premises liability matter. Plaintiff was shopping in a supermarket and slipped and fell on water that had remained on a shopping aisle. Plaintiff claimed multiple injuries to his spine which required a cervical decompression and fusion. He also claimed he required a future similar surgery to his lumbar spine. The claims for economic damages included $50,000.00 for unpaid medical bills, $630,000.00 for future medical bills, $325,000.00 for past wage loss and $930,000.00 in future wage loss. The defense vigorously challenged Plaintiff’s claims for damages, particularly any claims for future surgery, medical costs, and wage loss. The defense was further bolstered by multiple social media posts pertaining to Plaintiff which it claimed seriously undermined Plaintiff’s credibility and claims for future care and costs. Ultimately, the risks to both Parties in trying the case before a jury helped broker a very amicable settlement.